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which sons of anarchy character are you?

Which Sons Of Anarchy Character Are You? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Which Redwood Original Badass Are You?

So, if you could be SAMCRO which character would you be? I’m sure you have your own preference. How many dudes just yelled out JAX! just now?
What about any female fans reading this? You don’t have many options for female characters but you may not need them. You could be so badass that after taking this quiz you find out you’re more like one of the guys in SOA than one of the women.

Your SOA Persona - The Quiz

We found a couple of cool quizzes while randomly searching the internets today and thought we’d share them with you.
Take the quiz or take them both and find out which Redwood original you are.
Quiz 1: 6 Questions: Which Sons of Anarchy Character Are You? via
...and just for fun, try this one which has 9 questions. See if they both match your SAMCRO/SOA persona!
Quiz 2: 9 Questions: Which SAMCRO Member Are You? via
If you’re wondering, I got Clay. I totally ok with that :)
Take the quiz and come back here to let us know who you are. Sound off in the comments.