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Niagara Falls has been in the tourism business since the late 1800's. Rich with history and an amazing ecological evolution of ice age glaciers that carved out what we know today as 'the falls' and the Niagara River.  Many don't know that there are 3 individual waterfalls:  the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the American, and Bridal Veil Falls. We are fortunate to have the best view of all three.  150 acres of parkland lining the Niagara River is taken care of the Niagara Parks Commission, a crown corporation tasked with maintaining, conserving and enhancing the natural landscape.  We have an amazingly robust ecotourism location that offers the perfect balance of rural and urban experiences.  It's a short drive or bike ride to Waterfalls, beaches, the escarpment, fruit farms, hiking trails and wineries. 

Famous for our vacation getaways families and couples alike looking for that perfect vacation no matter what the season.  Of course, summer is the most popular as all the attractions are opening and running at top capacity.  But Winter, Spring and Fall are becoming top contenders as many other activities gain in popularity such as 'leafing' during Autumn, watching the blooms from the Parkway gardens in the Spring, the famous Winter Festival of Lights during the holidays, and of course the ever popular Ice Wine Festivals in January.

Approximately 12 million visitors arrive every year to see this amazing natural wonder.  As with nature, nothing stays the same, the water pressure along the gorge means that the waterfall is always moving and the Niagara River is always eroding causing each and every moment that you visit to be unique. No matter what type of vacation you're looking for we have it, relax at a world-class spa or ramp it up with a zip line ride along the river, stroll through acres of gardens or test your luck at the casino.