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Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls Canada has been scaring and terrifying people for decades.  This haunted house attraction having its roots as a previous coffin factory has captured the unforgettable moments of visitors as they dare to venture through till the end.  Of course, not everyone makes it, in fact over 170,000 have chickened out!

Everyone loves to document their visit to Niagara Falls with a photo, and we’re no exception.  Our images have gained popular attention around the world as we capture their true feelings when going through Nightmares Fear Factory. 

To all media.  We encourage you to use our photos provided on the link below, all we ask in return is to follow our simple image licensing policy which is to:

  1. Please use the correct business name: Nightmares Fear Factory
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Thank you from the Nightmares Fear Factory team, the curators of horror.