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"It's like all of your worst fears in one house! "

Courtney cass, Toronto ontario

"OMG, this was SOOOO scary! It was pitch black and absolutely terrifying. I clung to my boyfriend for dear life the entire time. I was so scared I couldn't even remember the "safety" word, so I thought for sure I was going to be stuck in there forever. There is one part **** the ***** that almost caused me to have a full blown breakdown. Thank god I was not in there alone because I never would have made it! Even with my man to protect me, I was a mess. Of course once we saw our picture we almost died laughing, but it was seriously one of the most terrifying experiences of my life! Don't think I would EVER do it again, but I really recommend it. It will literally scare the sh*t out of you!!!!"

Donna, New York

"Okay this is the best haunted house, I went here last year during the summer. I made it half way through by myself. Later on that night I went in there again with my mom. WE SURVIVED. This haunted house should become a movie or something. It was extremely scary! I am a fan of haunted houses so i highly recommend it!"

Alysia, IL

"This was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. Think "Silent Hill" for a haunted attraction; it plays on your psyche and creates an atmosphere of absolute dread and suspense. The scares themselves are pretty damn scary as well. One part even has **** **** **** ****; it was here that I (unfortunately) chickened out. Next time I come here, I'm bringing friends. Absolutely worth every dollar and penny."

Jeremy D., Richmond Hill, Ontario

"The scariest haunted house i have been to. 3 words to describe it... OH MY GOD "

Anmol Minhas, Brampton

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCARIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! Went with one other guy, almost had a freakin' heart attack!!!!!! You gotta go if you never did!!!!"

Nick Becker, Montreal, Quebec

"Truly SCARY... Truly Amazing... Totally awesome. Must come back again. :D"

Charles Hardy, Philadelphia, PA


Aaron Datinguinoo, Toronto, Ontario

"I can't believe we made it through. Just when I thought it was over, there was MORE. I would never go alone. You have to be insane to go alone."

Sara, London, Ontario

"I pretty much sh*t my pants , no big deal"

Deanna Lynn, Orangeville, Ontario

"it was absoloutley terrifying. me my dad and my sister went through and i was so scared!but i didnt chicken out!"

Taylor, oshawa, Ontario, Canada

"Way scarier than Canada's Wonderland! One of my friends peed her pants! Would definitely recommend Nightmares Fear Factory for anyone who thinks they don't get scared in haunted houses. "

Anne N., Hamilton, Ontario

Nightmares Fear Factory Reviews

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Some have been left by survivors of this haunted Niagara Falls Canada attraction, others stories are from those who weren't able to make it all the way through and chickened out.

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