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Mother's Day at Nightmares Fear Factory Niagara Falls

Mother's Day at Nightmares Fear Factory

Abraham Mortimer, here, possessing a rather gullible mortal for a moment so that I may write to you an exceedingly important philosophical message. That message concerns your own worldly mother; a most important message, let me assure you. I am aware of the importance of the mother, as someone who has not had one for several centuries.

The love for your mother is so special that you should immediately think of the Nightmares Fear Factory if you happen to be trying to think of a place to celebrate it.

Sure, you could take Mom out for Sunday brunch in Niagara Falls or send her flowers, but is that really going to show her how much you love her?  More importantly isn’t that what you’ve done every other year? Don't you think your mother will get as bored with that as you might have gotten with receiving underwear and socks for Christmas?

Treat Mom to a visit to Nightmares Fear Factory, a day she’ll really, really remember. It will bring the family closer together and you’ll have those precious moments captured forever in a wonderful family photo. 

Here’s how much fun you could be having.

Mom knows that a family that stays together, stays safe! She may not be entirely correct, but you have to love that she thinks that way. It promotes unity among mortals.

Mom also makes sure no one gets left behind, even when Dad seems to be unable to move. Of course, it's not entirely his fault and it's not as though Mom is moving much either, but see how happy they look together?

Mom knows that those bumps in the night aren't real. Or at least, she's willing to believe it hard enough that she is trying to convince you the bumps in the night aren't real.

They are, though. Sorry about those.

Happy Mother's Day everyone from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls Ontario. 

Take it from the staff here at the Nightmares Fear Factory, living and dead. We've seen enough families come through to know that this is an experience that drives them together. Rather firmly, in some cases.

It's an experience you'll all remember for the rest of your lives.