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What's watching you at Nightmares Fear Factory

What's Watching You in our Haunted House Attraction

Have you ever wondered if there might be something watching you from dark corners or pitch-black doorways of Niagara's most haunted attraction?

Of course, the feeling of eyes on your back—eyes attached to something waiting to pounce—is probably just your mind playing its tricks.

Or maybe it isn't.

Hellraiser, at its most basic, explores the crevices in the universe and how they relate to the human mind. Clive Owen's unique creation places his characters in a world where desire, fear and rage can open the doorways between universes and bring unspeakable terrors through onto Earth.

To get them here, there’s a few things you have to do.

Human beings with a taste for experiences not of this world may test themselves on a small box of moving parts, not unlike a Rubik's Cube. Upon opening the cube, the dimensions are pulled together like folding paper, and lets beings from a strange dimension to take the one who desires these... experiences... back to their dimension.

Such people are never seen again.

At least, not as human beings.

There is, of course, the possibility that those monsters can reach us where we live without the use of a puzzle box, and we might not need to be willing. There’s a possibility that these monsters can reach us where we live just because we are scared that they will. Because we hope that they won't.

It's not just a crazy theory. Noted physicist Stephen Hawking, in fact, wrote it. He spoke of the existence of any number of universes where everything that could exist, does exist.

Turns out that people have always been worried about things like this: in Norse texts, the Nine Worlds have passageways between them that occur naturally. Celtic myth claims the faerie world lies only a circle of flowers' distance.

All these mythologies have awful things that can step through. Celtic faeries can only be described as inhuman dealers of temptation and torture. Norse Dark Elves are the sorts of things you're better off not knowing about.

Christians also have a place where things like Hellraiser’s villains live; the home of their Devil. It is said that the condemned are sent there, to serve eternity as inmates in this massive infernal prison. The only distance between them and us is a layer of existence thinner than spiders' web. Would you trust spider-web to hold back a demon?

There is no horror story more common than demons from the infernal pits entering into our world.

Maybe there's some truth to all of this, then?

So what does a place like the haunted house attraction ‘Nightmares Fear Factory’ in Niagara Falls, Ontario do? What does that concentration of terror and tension bring up to the bubbling surface of all these possible worlds?

What sorts of things are watching you, from the black corners of the Nightmare, drooling for a chance to step through?

What sorts of things are waiting there to make you one of those people who are never seen again?

Abraham Mortimer curator of Nightmares

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada


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