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Scream Therapy at Nightmares Fear Factory

Scream Therapy

At Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you will find horror, and horror will find you too. In the Nightmares Fear Factory, the halls are dark, narrow, and long. The walls shift. The eyes watch. Hands reach. Things scream.

At Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you will find out how brave you are.

Dr. Arthur Janov invented a way to treat people with psychological and mental illnesses. You may have heard of it, and you may not have—but the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, has heard of it—and might be using it!

Primal scream therapy is sort of what you might call the line between real science and pseudoscience. The theory goes that if a person reverts themselves to the state they were when they were first “damaged” by the incident that gave them their mental illness, they’ll gain “access” and be able to deal with the incident on their own. Sort of like, sending themselves mentally back to that moment so they can see what happened clearly.

I’m thinking of it as a kind of emotional hypnosis therapy.

Except way less getting very sleepy and swinging watches and spiraling black and white funnels and whatnot.

What there is way more of is—you guessed it—screaming.

Here’s a description of what’s going on here, taken from a VICE piece which I will link below.

“The only way to rid yourself of depression and anxiety, [Dr. Janov] argues, is to return to the state we were in when we first felt rejection: screaming, shouting, rolling around on the floor. Whatever it takes, get it all out.”

The problem is that the scientific community isn’t totally sure if this is a real thing. There are people who’ve done it and say that it works, and there are also a wide and densely populated group that say it’s just pseudoscience and that none of it works.

The same VICE article states that “’Primal therapy has been pretty much debunked by all of the legitimate psychological organizations,’ says Janja Lalich, author of Crazy Therapies. ‘Very few legitimate therapists still use the treatment at this point.’”

I suppose at that point, the question you should ask is “what is a legitimate therapist and how can you tell?”

We here at the Nightmares Fear Factory aren’t psychologists, but we’re not trying to be psychologists, either. Instead, and because Halloween is coming up soon, the Nightmares Fear Factory is gearing up to get you screaming, running, and chickening out.

And we’re not even really doing it to help you.

We’re doing it because we’re the Nightmares Fear Factory and it’s Halloween soon.

On the other hand, who knows? Maybe there’s something to this primal scream therapy. Maybe there’s something in the letting out of your tensions with full-throated horror when Nightmares Fear Factory demons and monsters pop out at you in those dark and gloomy hallways right around Halloween, something in it that will help you cope with the rest of the world.

It might be psychology, or it might be as simple as your sudden and certain knowledge that nothing in the world could ever be as frightening as the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, right around Halloween.

So come down to the Nightmares Fear Factory and see if our own brand of scream therapy works for you.

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