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A Nightmare Christmas Movie

Rare Exports - A Nightmare of a Christmas Movie

At Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you will find horror, and horror will find you too. In the Nightmares Fear Factory, the halls are dark, narrow, and long. The walls shift. The eyes watch. Hands reach. Things scream.

At Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you will find out how brave you are.

Rare Exports is a Finn-made movie which plays on the most ancient tales and traditions which surround the Christmas season. While not featuring any of the more notable figures of history like the demon Krampus or any of the more negative mythos, Rare Exports rather simply re-casts Santa Clause himself as a child-stealing monster who operates from beyond a frozen grave.

The movie begins with a distraught child of a struggling single father in the northern wastes of Finland. Hoping there is more to life, the child plays with a rude assortment of simple friends, all of whose families have made rough livings scraping off the snow and ice which abounds.

It’s around then that a scholarly expedition unearths what appears to be a massive tomb in the mountains nearby.

It is, of course, right around Christmas time.

There are old stories that propagated throughout the world where evil monsters dragged away naughty children in the night. The demons are usually characterized by a Christmas-time tradition where children are sorted into “naughty” or “nice,” where “nice” is rewarded and “naughty” is severely punished.

In this case, one of our young protagonist’s friends is judged “naughty,” kidnapped and replaced, in the night, by a wooden doll which bears a horrifying resemblance to a human skeleton. Nothing is revealed about where or why they child has gone, or what has taken him.

Until, that is, an old man is found frozen in the snow, and with him, a child-sized burlap sack. Extracted from the snow-drift by the simple-folk, he manages to bite the ear off of one man and becomes a harbinger to the others; a small taste of things to come.

When the tomb underneath the mountain sprouts massive antlers, it begins to become clear that the demon buried within is what the stories of “Father Christmas” are based on; a massive winter god who steals some children and sacrifices others.

What follows is must-see television, and nightmares might creep their way into your sleep; of murderous elves and a vicious, antlered winter god who kills so that the sun will rise again.

At Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, we bring those nightmares back to life for you to experience. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be chased across the cold and the dark by things which want to take you away forever, Nightmares Fear Factory is where you want to go.

Come, and we will show you the true meaning of Christmas.

So come down to Nightmares Fear Factory, we're located in the Clifton Hill district in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and find out how brave you are.

Merry Christmas, 

Abraham Mortimer, curator of Nightmares.



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