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Niagara Falls Historical News - May 1950 - Jeanette Bugay

Niagara Falls Scary Stories from the Past - Jeanette Bugay

Niagara Falls Historical Story


On May 16th, 1950 there was an emergency report of a young woman clinging to rocks along the upper Niagara River.  A pontoon equipped helicopter responded to the call and hovered over top of her body to perform an aerial rescue. 

One of the pilots left the aircraft while it balanced on a protruding rock and crawled out to the pontoon.  While standing on the pontoon the pilot was able to tie a rope around the hysterical woman’s waist.  As the two pilots struggled against the force of the rapids the helicopter dipped into the rapids causing all three to be stranded.  A second helicopter was sent out to rescue the woman and the two stranded pilots.  The original helicopter was eventually retrieved from the rapids badly damaged. 

Jeannette’s husband had reported her missing the night before, but when the police questioned Jeannette she could only recall going for a walk along Prospect Point Saturday night, how she came to be pinned to a rock in the rapids only a few hundred feet from the Falls, she could not recall.

Source: Jeannette's historical news article.