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Ghosts in Hotels is it Superstition

Hotel Superstitions When Travelling

Niagara is considered to be quite haunted so here’s our list of things you can do to keep the ghosts away from your Niagara Falls hotel  room. 

To keep the ghosts away:

  • Knock 3 times even if the room is empty.  This will let the spirits know someone is entering. 
  • Place your shoes facing opposite directions.  This makes it difficult for phantoms to walk into your shoes and track you down like a compass.
  • Let light into the room immediately by throwing open the curtains and turning on all the lights.  If you can open a window or a sliding glass door to let positive fresh energy flow through the room.
  • Place your belongings on the vacant bed to make sure it doesn’t look inviting to invisible ‘guests’, but don’t put your hat out – some say evil spirits will dwell inside them.
  • If you see any unusual item on the ground – be it an item of clothing, a clay figurine or a ring – don’t pick it up. Magicians and sorcerers have been known to curse items by putting an evil spirit in them, then leaving them out on the streets so the spirits follow the unsuspecting “victim” who brings them home.  Magicians and sorcerers have been known to curse items by putting an evil spirit in them.
  • Place a small bottle of salt and a glass of water on a table in the room, make sure to throw it out in the toilet the next morning, this will absorb negative ‘beings’. 
  • Avoid wearing black and red clothing it attracts ghosts, while wearing yellow will repel ghosts.

Of course these are some common superstitions practiced by some Asian cultures, and we find that most people that are looking to encounter ghosts will more than likely book a room at a Bed and Breakfast in Niagara-on-the-Lake who have far more ghosts per capita.  In Niagara Falls we find most people sleep like a baby due to all the negative ions being generated by the Falls.

Sleep tight!