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Blue Ghost Tunnel

Haunted Niagara: Blue Ghost Tunnel (Part 2)

The Blue Ghost Tunnel story is so horrific that Nightmares Fear Factory, and I, Abraham Mortimer, decided not to overwhelm you all at once. A curious decision, I know, given the fact that my intention is to lure you into the Fear Factory where I can send you running back out again.

But then, there is something a little safer about staying at home, and reading things on these newfangled glowing screens of yours, isn't there? Perhaps that's the lure. I will feed you a taste of the story of the Blue Ghost Tunnel, and I will hope that it makes you want a little more.

A small taste of things to come.

I know a lot about scaring people. The Blue Ghost Tunnel's own inimtable story might be terrifying, but imagine being there? Imagine being in my Fear Factory, to run through its horrors and feel that addicting, unsettling sensation that perhaps you are not safe?

Read on for Part Two of the story of the Blue Ghost Tunnel, and I hope you will find something in it, despite its horror, that you find yourself beginning to enjoy. 

If you are brave enough, read on to learn about one of the most haunted places in Niagara... just a step down from my Nightmares Fear Factory, of course.   

Most Haunted Places in Niagara: The Blue Ghost Tunnel

The Blue Ghost Tunnel was built near the site of the old St. Peter's Church and its adjoining cemetery. After the church relocated, the cemetery fell into disrepair. It fell into such despair, that walking through it was described as a jungle trek. Can you imagine, dear reader, the feeling of making your way through a dense forest, knowing that below you lay a layer of mortal coil?

We had referenced, in the first part, that as time went on it became clear that a larger canal was needed to accommodate the larger boats? Well, the site of the old cemetery was needed to establish a pond area for excess water from the canal.

You might consider the ramifications for those who lay below.

As they could not be persuaded to simply get up and make their way to greener fields, in July 1923 Thorold residents were asked to pay and make arrangements for their deceased family members to be moved. Many people could simply not afford the expense and many graves had no remaining family members.  

In the end only 253 of the 842 bodies were actually moved. Those who were moved were often misidentified or went missing altogether. This, of course, is rather a bad way to treat the dead. I mean, I'm a ghost haunting the Nightmares Fear Factory and I've seen Poltergeist.

The bodies left behind now have a watery grave beneath the canal pondage area only meters from the Blue Ghost Tunnel. Clearly, this is not the ideal resting place for a wide array of potentially unquiet spirits.

If you like, you may consider me something of an expert on the matter.

The Blue Ghost Tunnel Legend     

At the same time as the botched attempt to move the dead to new burial grounds, the Welland Canal was being constructed. The construction of the Canal, naturally, was no easy feat.

In total, one hundred seven men lost their lives during the massive building project, many of which occurred in close proximity to the Blue Ghost Tunnel. Perhaps, reader, this is a coincidence.


In any case, on August 1, 1928, the worst accident in the history of the Welland Canal occurred at Lock 6 when a large crane fell onto the lock chamber taking out a 500 ton steel lock gate. The sudden incident killed 10 men, with 22 seriously wounded.  

Then on August 1, 1930, exactly two years later, another serious incident occurred at Lock 6 this time taking eight lives, and leaving twenty injured. It was rumored that the canal was cursed, and many men abandoned their position and refused to return.

Which to me seems rather a waste. After all, what's the point of scaring people if they never come back? It's our only entertainment, you know, but you just can't talk to some people.

Most Haunted Place in the World?

The question then, dear reader, is as follows.

Was the Welland Canal cursed? Or the Blue Ghost Tunnel cursed?

The discerning reader will note that while I have not discussed accidents which took place far from Lock 6 and therefore the Tunnel, that doesn't mean none happened. Many happened; as I have said, five score and seven men were killed during the construction.

However, one must, in such cases, focus on the density of the slain and whether that density of fresh dead correlates to the potential wishes of earlier dead.

I have spun you a tale of disturbed graves, their association with the locality in question, and the succession of horrible, lethal accidents which followed in logical progression.

I rest my case, but really, it's up to you, good reader. What do you think?

With all these events taking place a stone’s throw from the tunnel, I would argue that the Blue Ghost Tunnel is indeed cursed. I might vouchsafe that even if it is not cursed, then it is most certainly haunted now by somebody. Haunted by the train fireman, or the moved bodies, or by some of the fivescore seven killed during the Canal’s construction.  

One thing might be taken as a certainty; the horrors that took place at the Blue Ghost Tunnel are not forgotten by the living or the dead. I shall personally guarantee the latter, dear reader, but it is up to you to guarantee the former.

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