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Friday the 13th

The number 13 has been cursed for centuries.  In ancient Babylon the number 13 was omitted in the list of laws back in 1700 BC.  This was the first record in history that the number 13 had its superstitious origins.

More notably is the story of the Templars who were arrested by King Phillip who owed the Templars a significant amount of money.  He conjured up rumours that brought charges against the powerful group.  King Phillip ordered their arrest at dawn on Friday the 13th where many were tortured until they confessed to the fictitious charges.  With the King and Pope invested in bringing down the Knight of Templar the few that escaped changed their names to Knights of Christ.

Friday the 13th is associated with many unlucky events through history, creating a long lasting stigma that has been adopted by today’s society. 

The notorious number 13 is absent everywhere. Many cities won’t have a 13th Avenue or 13th Street, high rises won’t have a 13th floor, hospitals avoid numbering rooms with a number 13 and many airports won’t have a gate 13. 

Friday the 13th became synonymous with misfortune when literary works published as early as the 17th century started writing that Friday the 13th was unlucky.  Wall street also has a superstition called the Wall Street panic on Friday the 13th.   This fear has been fostered for decades when back in 1989 when Wall Street saw its second largest drop in the Dow Jones.   The day was nicknamed the Friday the 13th mini-crash.

We love Friday the 13th!  Come visit us if you dare.

Abraham Mortimer
Curator of Horrors
Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada


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