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Dread Bunny of Caerbannog

The Dread Bunny of Caerbannog

At Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you will find horror, and horror will find you too. In the Nightmares Fear Factory, the halls are dark, narrow, and long. The walls shift. The eyes watch. Hands reach. Things scream.

At Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you will find out how brave you are.

As Easter approaches, and we are confronted with images of crosses, coloured eggs, and rabbits, it becomes a bit of a struggle to try to figure out how all of this might serve to remind you of the horror of all things.

Naturally, spring is cheerful. Bunnies are cheerful. Coloured and chocolate eggs are even cheerful. Unless, of course, you have managed to come face to face with the Dread Bunny of Caerbannog.

Spoken of in dark rooms and quiet inns, the Dread Bunny of Caerbannog is an evil demon which takes form as a small, innocent, fluffy white rabbit. Hiding in the Cave of Caerbannog, far from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, where ancient scripts are kept, the Rabbit of Caerbannog waits in nose-twitching impatience of the cutest variety, for any intruder which might come nigh. Possibly as it decorates a new clutch of chocolate eggs.

Many holy quests have ventured to the Cave of Caerbannog, but no person who embarked upon one has ever returned. Indeed, songs are sung of the knights who lie in the fields around the Cave of Caerbannog, their brutalised spirits communing now only in silence as their bones bleach in the sun.

The Dread Bunny of Caerbannog, then, despite its adorable, twitchy little rabbit nose, its fidgety and wiggling little whiskers, and its fluffy, innocent little coat of white fur is nevertheless an absolute monster of the highest order. It has been designated as an enemy of the Church, and indeed, the monks are rumoured to have invented the only weapon which will work on the Dread Bunny of Caerbannog; a holy hand grenade, which must be held in hand for three seconds before being thrown.

Only, no hero has ever survived the presence of the Bunny for long enough to unleash the weapon.

Yes, Easter is here, and spring, and all that is light and good and growing. But there’s always room in your mind for the darkness and the monsters which wander the halls of the Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Will you meet the Dread Rabbit there? Or is it just a myth? Whether you do or not, in times of great plenty and life, it always serves to remind yourself of the dark edges of the human experience and the monsters hiding in the cheerful rabbit suits.

Even if just for contrast or a quick laugh.

So if you’re in Niagara Falls, if you’re near the Nightmares Fear Factory, it might do you some good to visit and see if you can find some of that contrast down in those dark halls.

So come down to Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and find out how brave you are.

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