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4YallEntertainment Barley Survives Nightmares Fear Factory Niagara Falls

Brampton’s own, 4YallEntertainment visits Nightmares Fear Factory

World Famous Nightmares Fear Factory is Niagara Falls scariest, haunted attraction. It’s no wonder Brampton, Canada natives, YouTube sensations- 4YallEntertainment came to visit!

For Your Entertainment, Nightmares Brings 4YallEntertainment

You will find these Youtubers releasing weekly comedy skits including voiceovers, funny movie parodies and skits, among other comical reliefs on various platforms.

If you haven’t done so already, check out their YouTube channel for a good laugh.

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The tables have turned from comedy to terror, as these four men recently stepped into Nightmares Fear Factory (Although, as a viewer, we still find this video HILARIOUS).

Watch as we bring 4YallEntertainment closer together than ever before. It’s safe to say these guys were terrified beforehand, as barely make it through Nightmares' front door.

Once they mustered up enough courage to enter, it was all hand holding and eye covering from there. Why you ask? Because, it’s THAT scary!

4YallEntertainment Barely Survives Nightmares Fear Factory Niagara Falls

WARNING WHEN WATCHING: The fear is real. The profanity (NSFW) and girly shrieks make up a good portion of this video. Watch at your own will.

These aren't the only guys who have been through Nightmares! Check out these scare bros!

If you think you’re brave enough, we’re up for the challenge! Plan your visit today, we have a spooktacular deal! - If you book online you can save up to 35% off! Both single tickets and group packages are available.