Niagara Falls Premiere Haunted House Attraction


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Never been so scared in my life. It was an amazing experience but was so happy to get through and not chicken out! Or die of fright!!
— Tim Hughes, Gainsborough, UK
08.14.14, 5:02pm
Loved it! Screamed a bunch and surprisingly made it to the end! I survived Nightmares!!!!
— Allie P., Toronto
06.15.14, 8:09pm
it is scary as hell. i went alone inside the factory and was praying to god to get me out from this.
— surinder, india
06.15.14, 12:38pm
One of the best I've seen and I've been to a lot all over the U.S.
— Desiree Love-Barrett, Chino Hills CA
06.10.14, 1:42am
Great experience & i loved my group photos at the end. Very scary,but also lots of fun! Definitely worth the money!
— Alana Nicole , Canada
06.06.14, 11:52am
The scariest fu**in thing i could possibly imagine! Have never been so terrified in my life!
— Ryan Gattuso, Georgia, USA
06.02.14, 1:13pm
By far, the best place to be scared!
— Delcio Arruda, Montreal, Canada
06.02.14, 1:04pm
Seems to be a real thrill with lots of scares.. for the faint... I never had any haunted house succeeded in scaring me, ever. Perhaps this could but I doubt it; would accept the challenge though but it must wait since I lack the funds to visit it from over here. But nevertheless; congrats on scaring the crap out of people that often laughs in the theater with the most ghastly horror flicks. ;)
— Sven Goris, Belgium
05.30.14, 6:56pm
By far the scariest place I've ever been!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!
— Yaavar, Perth, Australia
05.28.14, 1:47pm
What happened to the caretaker in the video?
— Tina Culp, USA
05.27.14, 11:01pm