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Valentine's Teddy Bear

Valentine's Day in the Fear Factory

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast at the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Placed halfway through February like an oasis in a cold, cold little desert, Valentine’s Day is that day where couples get together and show their appreciation for one another. Happily for everyone making plans for Valentine’s Day in Niagara Falls, the Nightmares Fear Factory will indeed be open.

If you take a look at our Pics & Video section, you’ll see that nothing gives people a more sincere appreciation for one another than the Nightmares Fear Factory. The hugs are honest, urgent, and abundant, which is exactly what Valentine’s Day is all about! Right? … Right, guys?

Okay, so maybe that’s not why they’re hugging. It’s still a good idea, though—the Nightmares Fear Factory is a central and insanely fun attraction in the Niagara Falls region.

Why, though?

We looked around at some scientific journals to get you an answer, because we actually started to realise that this could actually be a thing. Having the wits scared out of you and your significant other might actually create a touchstone moment for your relationship!

So, you might instantly think that moments of great stress lead men, with their overflowing testosterone and so on and so forth, to try and fight. Or run. It’s the “fight or flight” response, in fact, that’s supposed to get triggered when bad things happen. Meanwhile, women immediately trend toward a “tend and befriend” response to stress.

If this follows, you’d think a lot of our Nightmares Fear Factory pictures would involve a lot less hugging where men are present, wouldn’t you?

The fact is though, in our obviously tiny sampling of evidence in an environment that is obviously actually pretty safe, men do as much hugging and grabbing as small children, much less women.

Scientific American has a journal entry which suggests that after studies done on recent worldly catastrophes, it has been found by Markus Heinrichs and Bernadette Von Dawas at the University of Freiburg in Germany that periods of acute stress can actually “lead to greater cooperative, social, and friendly behavior, even in men. This more positive and social response could help explain the human connection that happens during times of crises, a connection that may be responsible, at least in part, for our collective survival as a species.”

How would it help the survival of the species? You can’t have men turning around and fighting each other whenever something intense happens, can you? Not exactly a recipe for longevity. So what the professors say happens is that people tend to get together and cooperate more during periods of stress, because periods of stress are periods where illusions of control and safety are lost.

Whereas, one can control one’s own behaviour, and one can make sure that the person next to them is safe, even if they don’t themselves feel safe. Brene Brown at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work explains that vulnerability is a core component of social bonding.

Where, we ask you, will you find a more apt place to get closer together with your partner than Valentine’s Day at the Nightmares Fear Factory? With all this data? With all this scientific evidence?

So, come on down to the Nightmares Fear Factory on Valentine’s Day!


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