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Top 10 Things to do in Niagara Falls

Top 10 Thrill Seeking Things to do in Niagara Falls

Our top 10 list of things to do in Niagara Falls this year.  We’ve included 4 of the signature adrenaline loving attractions along with the two newest attractions to hit Niagara Falls that open this year.    Each Niagara Falls attraction has been rated on a scale between 1-10 based on our fear factory rating. 

1. Nightmares Fear Factory

Yes we ranked top in the thrill category of things to do in Niagara Falls.  Now you may think we’re biased but we don’t think so.  Over 1.3 million people have chickened out of completing the trek through Nightmares Fear Factory’s haunted halls.  Check out these photos, do these people look scared?  We guarantee that you’ll remember your visit to Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls.

2. Wildplay Niagara Falls Zip Line

In position number two is the "must" on your things to do in Niagara Falls bucket list is Wildplay Niagara Falls Zip Line  and the newly opened Whirlpool Adventure course. This is a must do on your Niagara Falls bucket list.  If you love excitement, then this Niagara Falls attraction won’t disappoint.  You’ll soar high and fast through the alongside the Niagara river with breathtaking views, this will prove to be an unforgettable experience. 

3. Niagara Fallsview Casino

Sit on the edge of your slot machine seat at either Casino Niagara or the Niagara Fallsview Casino.  Are you luck?  Are you willing to take on the house?  Slots, table games and the poker room are what you’ll find in this number 3 top things to do in Niagara Falls for the adrenalin junkie.  Non stop fun and gambling pleasure, they also offer on-site entertainment and a variety of restaurants so that you can keep the momentum going. 

4. Niagara Helicopters

Number four on our top things to do in Niagara Falls this year is Niagara Helicopters.  The best view of Niagara Falls is a thousand feet above it.  Fly high over the Niagara River from the Whirlpool area (look for the Whirlpool Aero Car crossing the gorge).  Look way WAY down at the class 6 rapids, (1 being the easiest and 6 being the most dangerous), the Niagara river rapids are one of the wildest, and formidable in the world. The Niagara Helicopters tours follows the curve of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Rainbows appear and disappear from all directions making this one of the best photo ops ever. 

5. Niagara Cruise’s

Number five in our top 10 things to do in Niagara Falls for those thrill seeking vacationers is getting up close and personal to the mighty Niagara Falls  on a  Hornblower Niagara Cruise.  Leaving the dock every 15 min- 30 min. ( depeding on month- summer every 15. ) the boat offers a spectacular view of the American, Bridal Veil and Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  Enjoy a thrilling view of theFalls from a view like no other. 

6. Whirlpool Jet Boats

Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours is number six in our top thrill seeker ‘things to do’ in Niagara Falls. Be prepared to get soaked!  This is no joke, bring extra clothes and shoes with you because the provided poncho won’t save you from the waves of water that wash over the Whirlpool jet boat.  “Whirlpool Jet Boats navigate through what is called Niagara's Devil's Hole Rapids that boast 15'-20' (4.5m-6m) waves, currents with speeds approaching 20 mph (32 km) and a solid class 5 rating.  Class 5 rapids are defined as approaching the limits of navigability, should only be attempted by whitewater experts after taking every available precaution." 

7. Fallsview Indoor WaterPark

Buckets of water fun is number seven of our top things to do in Niagara Falls. This massive Fallsview Indoor Waterpark stands eight stories high and covers 3 acres.  The waterpark features a 1000 gallon tipping bucket, giant swirling plunge bowl, 16 thrilling water slides and extreme racing slide, hot springs, wave pool, and outdoor sundeck. 


8. GOKarts Niagara

Located on Kinsman Crt just off the Q.E.W. in Niagara Falls ON GoKarts Niagara offfers an adrenaline pumping action thrill on one of the fastest tracks in North America. While riding side by side, fishtailing through the banked corners you will stay saafe as, all go karts are equipped with roll bars and seatbelts. Their new FORMULA 1 handles like a professional race car, with quick acceleration and super handling. ( You must be min. 14 yrs old and 5 ft tall to drive these karts.) Or try the TWO SEATER FAMILY KART to treat your kids to  an awesome ride.

9. Skylon Tower Observation Deck

This number nine position on our top 10 things to do in Niagara Falls for the thrill seeking adrenalin junkie is the Skylon tower Observation Deck.  You’d better not be afraid of heights because the ride to the top in their glassed ‘Yellow Bug Elevator’ is an immersive feeling as your ride up 775 feet.   Once on-top of the observatory you can walk around the needle-nose tower 360 degrees for a complete view of the City of Niagara Falls.  On a clear day you can see both the Toronto and Buffalo skyline and of course the American, Bridal Veil and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. 

10. Whirlpool Aero Car

The Whirlpool Aero Car is in position 10 of our top 10 things to do in Niagara Falls for the thrill seeking adventurer.  A suspended antique cable car that takes you on a round trip over the spectacular Whirlpool.  The Aero car moves slowly but the view of the rapids below is not for the faint of heart or those who don’t like heights, so this attraction still makes our top 10.  The Whirlpool Aero car attraction tickets can be purchased alone or as part of the Niagara Adventure Pass by Niagara Parks.

What a tremendous list of thrilling attractions in Niagara Falls, we think you should do all 10!  What do you think of our top 10 things to do in Niagara Falls?



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