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Soak up Summer Fun and Scares with Nightmares Fear Factory

Summer in the Falls

Hello, friends! Abraham Mortimer, back with some tips on how to get the most out of the best season of the year. The summer! (Though I might mention that as an evil ghost trapped in the confines of the Nightmares Fear Factory, I am largely taking other people's word for this.)

Now that we’re halfway through summer, you and your friends are probably looking to get away for one more trip. So, I suppose the relevant question now would be something like this: how are you going to do it on a budget?   

Luckily, gas prices are fairly low and if you're traveling to Canada from the U.S your money goes 30% further. If you live in Canada you won't lose money crossing the border. That would seem to indicate that a trip to Canada is just perfect for this time of year. My opinion, if you should be patient enough to hear it, is to therefore round up some friends or pack up the family and take a trip to Niagara Falls

An easy drive from Toronto or Buffalo, Niagara Falls is ideally situated to provide your vacation with the highest possible amount of bang for your dollar.
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There are many super fun and inexpensive attractions in the falls. So, you and your friends will be able to save great without compromising the summer fun! 
The Niagara Falls area, particularly around the Clifton Hill region, is loaded up with ways to enjoy the summer with an extremely attractive price tag on it. While there are, naturally, casinos and restaurants and all those types of attractions in the Falls area, there are also some extremely high quality entertaining venues that usually come with combination admissions. Here's a great example: did you know that Ripley's-Believe-It-Or-Not has combo passes for most of its attractions? So for a cut-down price, you get into a bunch of amazing Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not attractions. They have a museum of utter and remarkable strangeness, an aquarium that is apparently crawling with life (imagine my envy, dear reader) and an ongoing deal with Louis Tussaud's Waxworks.

I might point out though that the best combination ticket is the one that includes a visit to my domain, down in the Nightmares Fear Factory. Being frightened out of your wits is an excellent way to celebrate the summer, and no one has ever been able to convince me otherwise, and I think after running through my tunnels and cramped hallways (and you will be running) you'll gain a new appreciation for summer and the short seasonal reign of the sun.
Otherwise, Niagara Falls has concerts. It has fireworks. It has islands and nature preserves, floral clocks and grandstands. There are temples, waterfalls, and thoroughfares. For example, right now if you’re looking for nighttime fun check out the Summer fireworks Monday to Friday. They are one of the Top 10 Free Things To Do In Niagara Falls, where I've gone over many things in slightly more detail.
You’ll likely need more to do and we know you’re looking for the most fun things to do in Niagara Falls. You'll notice I managed to headline this list with my own attraction, and I do hope you will forgive the presumption. However, the Nightmares Fear Factory is a fantastic place to visit (for some people, quite briefly) but that's certainly not all the fun, thrill-seeking things one might get up to in Niagara Falls. Consider helicopter rides, a cruise through the waterfall, the Wildplay zip line, the Niagara Speedway and many more things which I have gone into some more detail on here: Top 10 Thrill Seeking Things to do in Niagara Falls.
As a final tip, why not take a trip up the Skylon Tower? It's a lovely dinner, and a lovely view to go with it. If I were still alive, I might try to time my dinner for the fireworks show. While not as high as the CN Tower in Toronto, the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls still provides an amazing view of the mighty, majestic Falls. You can also see Toronto and Buffalo on a clear day, so take the ride up and see if you can see your house! 
Let's sum up, then. There are a wide array of things that you can do in Niagara Falls, and there's very few major price tags attached to those things. It's the perfect end-of-summer, late summer type destination for some easy fun and a great weekend spent experiencing one of the massive natural wonders in the world.
I'm also going to remind you about those combo tickets. They're a big deal, and they make things immeasurably better. We’re sure you’ll want to dare your friends to visit Nightmares Fear Factory and see if you can make it all the way through our award winning and the scariest attraction in Niagara. If you buy your tickets from our website you can save up to 26%. We have a few multi-ticket packages for friends and family, as well as the Ultimate combo including Nightmares and 3 Ripley’s attractions. Go here for details.
Want even more thrills? We dare you and your friends to enter Nightmares Fear Factory. Think you won’t chicken out? Think again…
Nightmares Fear Factory is located by the world renowned Clifton Hill Street of Fun, you should plan to spend the day exploring the area.