Niagara Falls Premiere Haunted House Attraction


I just went to this last Friday and I can say it was the best haunted/scary maze I've ever been through. They have a whole bunch of different levels of scary and when you think it's almost over.. it's not!! I would definitely go back many times. It was done amazingly well!
— Taryn Crowe, North Bay, Ontario
03.17.15, 8:51pm
Every place in town said that they had the best horror house but they were horrible. When my family came here I was laughing thinking "here we go again wasting money." Much to my surprise and delight I can say that it wasn't so. I was trying to stay brave for the kids but I was way worse then they were. Great job guys you scared me to no end and I have to admit I'm glad I only had to do this once. I want to go back but the scare is so much that I don't think I can.
— Laura Squires, Keswick, Ontario
12.31.14, 9:02pm
so today i went here and i am a horror movie fanatic and im always the person laughing while everyone is scared and well today i can admit this place scared the sh*t out of me i was hiding behind my dad the whole time LOL . but i would absolutely come back and recommend this place
— ashley burrows, winnipeg manitoba
12.27.14, 11:17pm
I live on the other side of the US from this place but it looks like fun and I want to go there some time. The only problem is, I can get scared just by someone tapping my shoulder and I mean the almost screaming scared. Do you guys think I could handle it or would I pass out?
— Kali Barrett, Bishop, California
12.09.14, 2:00pm
i love it
— Drellia williams, San Antonio
11.03.14, 2:10pm
Went to Nightmares with 4 buddies and it was an absolute amazing time. Never laughed so hard in my life. A must do if you're in Niagara Falls.
— Quincy Ly, Toronto
10.19.14, 9:03am
So we ended up going back, it was great and we survived. My girlfriend screamed my name and the one actor that kept following us said "Bye..Tyrell.. muhawhahaha" as we exited out of the survivor door, awesome experience and I look forward to going again next year!
— Tyrell Parlee, St. Catharines
10.19.14, 1:33am
I went there a few years ago and chickened out! It was a really frightening experience but it's really fun at the same time. I'm going back today in 2 hours with my girlfriend to try to make it all the way through, wish me luck ;)
— Tyrell Parlee, St. Catharines
10.18.14, 2:13pm
Scared the Sh*t out of me ! Loved it - Well Done
— Chris Wharton , Toronto
10.18.14, 11:51am
I am actually quite shocked so many people have chickened out at this place. Not because it isn't scary - because it is very, very scary. But because you become so immersed in the atmosphere they have created, and trying to find your way out, that screaming "NIGHTMARES!" didn't even occur to me. I've been to quite a few haunted houses and this was definitely the best and most fun. Common fears are met head on in this place, bringing a different type of terror. Would definitely recommend for groups of people who want a fun activity to do. Although be warned, you might end up groping a friend in the wrong place, Uwhile screaming yourself hoarse.
— Steph Laliberte, Kingston
10.15.14, 12:22am