Niagara Falls Premiere Haunted House Attraction


This was a very spooky experience. I had the heeby jeebies for a whole week after. Too spooky for me, as those youths say! Ha ha ha lol. 8/8, a gr8 eggsperience :) thanxs :)
— My name is Christian Porter, I am from UK
04.05.14, 9:15am
It was damn scary.I had goosebumps after coming from that place... It was a great experience .... sadly, I wont go back again
— Alishah-Ramla Khan, London, Canada
03.24.14, 1:45pm
I experienced NIGHTMARES when it was located in the Maple Leaf Village, and it was wonderful then!! I remember Tony the Tongue attacking every once in a while!!! If you can GO!!!!!! My friends and I did survive!!
— Paul Flynn, Twinsburg, Ohio
02.21.14, 8:44pm
I would love to try and get up there this year. I could bet any kind of money I'll walk right through by myself. I've worked at the world acclaimed bates motel and I definitely have what it takes. Hopefully I'll have the money or if anyone would like to sponsor me to go up I will go alone on the venture and bring a camera to document it all if they allow me to. :)
— Chris Reusch, Aston, Pa
02.19.14, 9:58pm
We decided on a whim to give this a try on our honeymoon years ago...well, let's just say, it was well worth every penny and I believe we made up some bad words that day because neither of us wanted to be the one to yell "Chicken" and have to leave...we still talk about it 25 yrs later! Best money ever spent on being scared! (and nothing scares my husband...this did lol)
— Robin Bonaventura, Pennsylvania
02.19.14, 3:23pm
Any chance of opening up this in Southern England as a franchise? Looks amazing and we definitely need this here!
— Anthony Price (Horror Fanatic!), Barnstaple, Devon, England
02.18.14, 2:13pm
We survived on Jan 16 2014...I bet my nine year old 20 bucks if she could make it through...she cried CHICKEN!!!! A few times but other members of our group declined...LOL.....soooo worth the money- sooo scary (highly suggest you do not take your kids but mine wanted to come and I promised her for weeks she could-thought she was gonna have a heart attack!!! ) Leave the kids and bring extra pants lol
— Allyson Rumbolt, Mississauga
02.17.14, 1:19pm
Will be visiting Niagara this June. This will be ONE of the places to visit.
— Tammy Blake, Pikesville, Maryland
02.16.14, 1:33pm
It was pretty fun but I expected it to be scarier because I read the comments before I tried. My suggestion would be to add a drop down section right before the exit. It's always scary when people are caught off guard. Just when they think they're almost there... another surprise hits them.
— Sin Mun Chan, Malaysia
01.13.14, 2:59am
I really want to go but I live in Britain and I'm only 16 so I won't be able to for a while. Plus my mum has a heart condition so it wouldn't be a good idea to bring her with me!!
— Georgina Holmes, Sheffield, Great Britain
01.03.14, 11:40am